About Us

A Few Words About Our Pizza and Brewery

Welcome to our Brew Pub. Whether you're craving one of our fresh brick oven pizzas for lunch, an onsite brewed beer, or takeout for your family, we are anxious to serve you. Owner Allen Porter started brewing beer 8 years ago in his garage. Like most passion projects, the hobby evolved into a business. His goal was to brew constantly rotating types of beer for local beer lovers without having to distribute. Therefore, he knew needed to do a restaurant. Additionally, Porter was fond of brick oven pizzas, and he was interested how to cook pizzas perfectly without needing an experienced pizziallo. The Marra Forni rotating brick oven makes this possible. Each pizza goes around inside the oven one revolution per cooking cycle, thereby offering consisant pizzas everytime. At the end of the day Porter wants to bring quality pizza and house brewed beer to the local community.


Pizzas Per Hour


Pints Per Brew


Brite Tanks with Fresh Beer

Our Story


Like most projects, this one started from a hobby of passion. Allen loved brewing beer, talking about beer, and sharing beer with friends. From day one his family and friends told him that his beers were as good as commercial beers.


After visiting numerous, numerous breweries to get ideas, Allen decided he wanted to stay small. The way to do this in Georgia is to start a Brewpub.

Today in Progress

On the west coast, there are many, many Pizza Breweries. Allen wanted to carry this idea over to the local community. Stay small, stay local, and make a great product. He purchased a pizza oven and began the process.